We will be in the Vendor Tent at the Newfoundland National Dog Show from Monday May 2 -

Saturday May 7.  Hope to see you there!!

The Project Rescue Blanket grew out of our desire to help defray the cost the Newfoundland Club of America encountered when it stepped in to help rescue 44 Newfoundland Dogs in the winter of 2015.  

Our dogs are amazing in so many ways.  We are spinners and thought maybe that wonderful undercoat they shed could help raise money to help other Newfoundland Dogs in need.  We asked for donations of undercoat and the time and talent of knitters and crocheters.  Could you knit or crochet 2 squares if we spun the Newfoundland undercoat blended with wool into yarn?  

The finished blanket will be approximately 49" x 76".  The Chairman of the NCA Rescue gave us the go ahead to donate the money raised to NCA Rescue.


You can have a chance to own this beautiful blanket made with love from other Newfoundland Dogs & Volunteers.

Tickets are $10 each.  If you purchase a ticket(s) through our website we will send you a PDF copy of your ticket.  The tickets will also be available the week of the Newfoundland National Specialty in RI the first week of May 2016.  


To purchase a ticket(s) please go to  Click "Send Money", then click "Send Money to Friends & Family" enter this email address and the amount, $10 per ticket.  Then click "send money now".  Please also include your phone number so we can call you when you win!!

Thank you for supporting NCA Rescue!!


Project Rescue Blanket is all sewn together.  It still needs the border.  The squares with hearts are made from fiber donated from Precious, one of the 44 Rescued Newfoundlands from the winter of 2015.

A big Thank You to everyone that is supporting this Project!!  In the first week we have sold almost 20 tickets!!


20 Volunteers spent approximately 2 hours knitting each square.  

40 squares X 2 hours = 80 hours

80 hours X $10 per hour = $800

Approximately 60 yards of yarn in each square = 2400 yards of yarn

2400 yards of yarn X what it would cost to have it spun @$25 per 100 yards = $600

The donation of money raised to NCA Rescue = PRICELESS!!



This is Precious posing with the 2 squares her Foster Mom knitted out of the undercoat she was able to save from Precious.  

We wish to thank the

Volunteer Knitters and Crocheters

for helping to make this project possible!




Kathleen Armstrong

Chantal Belle-Isle

Josette Chrystall

Carole Crawford

Kathe Fogelman

Mary Gaudette


Sawyer Gillmer

Valerie Harvey

Terry Jeng

Glenda Jones

Donna McGill

Gigi McLaughlin

Jen Ouellette


Sue Putt

Drew Quinn

Carolyn Rogers

Linda Turgeon

Connie Whan

Kaelin Zielinski


These Newfy owners shared the undercoat from their Newfs to help make this project possible.  Some were Rescue Newfs and all were members of their families.  Thank you!


Chantal Belle-Isle

Dorothy Clayton

Carole Crawford

Dawn Fretts

Nancy Gasser

Bonnie Giacovelli

Glenda Jones





Lydia Klein

Julie Kroecker

Cheri Nicholas

Summer Poris

Sue Putt

Drew Quinn

Linda Turgeon


(We tried to keep a list of everyone who donated fiber.  If your name is missing please send a message through the website and let us know so we can add your name!!)