“Using Dog Fur in clothing?” you asked.  Well it’s not as odd or unheard of as you may think.  There has been evidence found from several thousand years ago that dog fur was used for making blankets, robes, and other textiles.  There is quite a bit of evidence that a breed, now extinct, that lived in the area of Washington State in the US and British Columbia in Canada was valued specifically for the fiber in their coats.  They were a prized member of the cultures of the Coast Salish peoples.  The dog, that was bred and raised for their wool was similar to a Pomeranian type dog.  The dog fiber seems to have been blended with goat fiber most often.


According to an article that appeared in the Archaeology Magazine March/April 2012, when fibers of a blanket, that was acquired by Merriwether Lewis & William Clark on their Expedition, were analyzed it supports the stories of dog fur fiber being used in blankets.  And as all Newfoundland Dog owners know Lewis & Clark had Seamus the Newfoundland Dog along with them on their journey west.


So for those that may think “wearing your dog” is not quite the fashion statement you wanted to make you may want to rethink this.  Plus, depending on what you read, dog fur fiber is 4 to 10 times warmer than sheep wool.  I’ve also seen it stated dog fur fiber is 80% warmer than sheep wool fiber.


So what has your dog given you lately??

A new article has been written about using dog fiber to knit clothing with during WW II by British women.  The article is linked below.