Project Rescue Blanket is something we feel will be an ongoing project.  If you are interested in helping please send us an email through our Contact Page.  We have had a few Rescues ask us about working with them for Fundraising.  Even though we are a new small business, we hope to be able to continue this outreach and financial support of Rescues.  

Our first Project Rescue Blanket winner, Lydia Klein, holding onto her beautiful blanket!  With her Newfoundland by her side.  Her winning ticket was pulled during the Fine Art Auction at the NCA National Specialty Show in Warwick, RI.

Photo Courtesy of Lydia Klein

Thank you to everyone that supported our first effort to raise money for NCA Rescue!  We were able to sell 293 tickets which raised $2,930.  Thank you to all of our Volunteers who helped knit or crochet squares.  Thank you to all who bought tickets.  Next up, the blanket for the Canadian Newfoundland Club for their Specialty Labor Day weekend!!

Precious is helping her Foster Mom show off the squares she knitted for the Project Rescue Blanket made with undercoat that Precious has been able to donate!!

Meet Precious the Rescue Newfoundland Dog.  She is a huge part of this story.  She has worked very hard growing her new fur coat and many thanks to her Foster Mom, Sue Putt, for helping to gather this precious fiber.  We spun it into yarn and Sue is knitting 2 squares for the Blanket.

The fiber from Precious the Rescue Newfoundland has been blended with wool, spun into yarn, and is on the Knitty Noddy.  Next to wash and set the twist.  Then it will be sent off to Precious' Foster Mom to be knitted into 2 squares.

More fiber from Precious the Rescue Newf.  It has been washed and is drying.  It will be carded and blended with wool.  Yay Precious!!  It has taken her a long time to make this undercoat!!

11 bags with 2-60 yard skeins ready to ship to our volunteer knitters!!

This is a 9 inch square knitted in Garter Stitch.  It has not been blocked yet.  And the basket of 23 - 60 yard skeins ready to start shipping out to volunteer knitters!!

We are still busy spinning but we are hoping to start sending out yardage to the Volunteer Knitters in the next couple of weeks.  This will be a process so if you don't receive any yarn right away we will still be spinning!

Rescue Blanket update...........I counted yardage today and so far we have 1,015 yards spun. Now to figure out how much to send the volunteer knitters. We are hoping the Volunteers will agree to knit 2 squares so we can do 2 blankets. One for the USA Newfoundland Club of America National Dog Show and one for the NDCC (Canadian Club) National Show.

Even though Newfoundland Dogs are the reason we started spinning dog fiber, Rescue applies to any breed of dog or mix.  Please watch the following video to try and understand how ALL dogs that come from a Pet Store/Puppymill are treated.  No REPUTABLE Breeder or Rescue will place their dogs in a store front.  And everyone deserves a healthy puppy or dog even if you are not interested in

showing your dog in conformation.

Meet Precious, one of the Precious Newfoundlands that were rescued, with her first undercoat donation for the Project Rescue Blanket!!

Thank you Precious!!

Rescue Fur and Knitters NEEDED!!

This years Project for our Newfoundland National Dog Show being held in Rhode Island, the first week of May 2016, is to make a blanket for fundraising for Newfoundland Dog Rescue. We need fur donated from your Rescued Newfs to be spun and we will also need knitters.  Although if you don't have any fur to donate you can still volunteer to knit!!  Knitters will be sent enough fur to knit a ?" x ?" square (size to be determined depending on the number of volunteer knitters we recruit) to be part of the blanket. It will be your choice of stitch and pattern for YOUR square.  Before returning it you will also be asked to block it.  All the squares will then be put together to form the blanket.  We will have a finish date later but the squares will need to be returned (to whom is yet to be determined) by the end of March 2016 to allow time for assembly.










To gather the fur, the fur bunnies on the floor are best for spinning and any fur you gather while combing or brushing your Newf.  PLEASE NO CUT FUR.  START SAVING AND SENDING YOUR FUR WITH your name, name of the dog(s) donating, email address and pictures if possible or contact to send a picture via email. All donators will be displayed with the blanket.

You can send an email via the Contact Page on this website for donating instructions.  If you wish to donate your time as a knitter please send an email via the Contact Page on this website.  Thank you!!

What does every well dressed Dress Form wear?? Well hand spun yarn made with Newfoundland Dog Fiber of course! Just some if what will be knitted by volunteers for Project Rescue Blanket!!

1.  Any Newf Fur/Fiber that is contributed will not be able to be returned if not used.  

2.  If you volunteer to knit a square or more for the Rescue Blanket or you contribute some Newf Fur/Fiber, we would love to give you 10% off your first spinning order if you would like to order some yarn for your own use.