The First 6 Months!

Well it's been a little over 6 months since Sheila & Chuck decided to officially start this small adventure!! This has been a dream for us since early on in our friendship. And now to actually have a plan and be going forward with it is so exciting. Early on with this venture we decided to "make" a blanket which we could use to raise money for NCA Rescue. It wasn't very well planned out and we learned as we went along. We are so fortunate for everyone that has volunteered to help us with the blanket. With the help of 20 volunteers knitting 2 squares each we were able to make a blanket with fiber from Newfoundland dogs and sheep. We blended this to spin into yarn which the volunteers knitted or crocheted into 9 inch squares. It turned out beautifully!! We were able to raise $2,930 that will be donated to NCA Rescue. Now on to spinning yarn for the Newfoundland Club of Canada's blanket.

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