1.  Brush or comb your clean dog.  You can also collect

the little fluffs of fur that collect when your dog sheds

or is blowing coat.  PLEASE NO CUT FUR









2.  Fill sandwich bags with undercoat.  The cleaner the better.  

How much undercoat is needed?  About 1 ounce or 2 plastic sandwich bags filled with undercoat.  This will be blended with a high quality wool to make approximately 100 yards of yarn.


3. Contact us through the contact page on this website.  Please include in your message how much yarn you are hoping to have spun.  If you would like to have a piece knitted for you also include that request so we will be able to quote a price.


4.  Once we recieve your message we will respond with what the cost of your order will be, cost of shipping, how to send payment, and how to send the fiber.



This is the fluffs of fur that were swept up at Chuck's house.  The Newfs are blowing coat.  The debris in the fur is considered vegetable matter or VM.  It will have to be removed before it can be spun so either I remove it now or at some point in the cleaning process it will have to be removed..  If you can pick out the larger pieces before you send it to us, it will cost you less.